@ccountability Initiative

Help the Lab support new ideas at the intersection of accountability and technology with ICT experts on the ground.

The underpinning idea is that technology is fundamentally expanding the way in which citizens can engage on accountability issues, but equally, technology is not an end in itself- but rather a tool that can be used as part of larger processes of positive change. Learn more about ongoing collaborations below:

The TELL-it-True project is a confidential, anonymous SMS “suggestions box” for universities in Liberia. All stakeholders on campuses (students, professors and administrators) can text the free short-code (8355 or “TELL”) and are called back by an operator who gathers details of the problems faced and any ideas on solutions. This information is discussed on a periodic basis with the university administration and student government, who agree on both sides on relevant steps to be taken. A meeting is held with the larger student body to share the findings from the process, explain actions that will be taken, and encourage further use of the system.

Nalibeli is reverse engineering processes related to government services in Nepal to make them more accountable and effective through crowd-sourced information. It uses web-based tools to gather, organize and disburse the information, and foster human networks to transmit information to and from the web-tools, bridging the digital divide in new ways. Over time, the wikitool will become an up-to-date resource and portal for citizens on government services nationwide, including how to get a passport, apply to a university, or register a business.

Bolaun provides an online and offline platform for Nepalis to discuss corruption issues in new ways, create “accountability communities” of concerned citizens, and build momentum for change. Beyond reporting corruption, Bolaun provides users with access to resources and contacts they can use to find solutions to the pervasive problems. It has the potential to build the foundation critical for a successful anti-corruption movement in Nepal.