Accountability Change Agency

Support our framework through which the Lab works with civil society groups to catalyze the development of new and innovative tools at the country-level.

The agency places a particular emphasis on working with creative individuals and organizations to re-imagine accountability and engage citizens in processes of governance. Learn more about ongoing collaborations below:

The Integrity Helpdesk mobilizes experts from around the world to respond to questions related to integrity and accountability submitted through an online moderator. Over one hundred of the world's foremost experts on anti-corruption, transparency, integrity, accountability, ethics, governance, elections, human rights, and corporate responsibility have to date agreed to be part of the project.

The My University, My Future pilot seeks to create a trusted, “de-political” process to address core accountability issues at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Through a process of consensus-building, critical groups (student leaders; professors and the Teachers’ Union; the administration; and members of the political parties) have been brought together to agree on minimum agenda for action. This has focused on core issues (such as the academic calendar) and will culminate in the creation of “dialogue centers” to act as a hub for the flow of information and constructive discourse.

The RTI Toolkit provides journalists in Nepal with key tools to allow them to better use the Right to Information Act and the provisions within it for investigative journalism. The toolkit is being used to increase awareness of citizen rights and entitlements; draw attention to institutional and governance failings; foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and generate debate; and create pressure for better, more accountable government.